Project Description


Mexican Keka Flores is tired of the banality of a life of luxury with a multi-millionaire father who buys her everything he wants because he feels guilty for not spending time with her. So she travels to Spain on an exchange programme, pretending to be a more ordinary girl, to seek her true vocation. With the help of her cousin Laura, she will deceive both her father and her complicated host family, the Velazquezs. She will discover that by helping others she can find herself. Especially when the magic of music brings them together after entering a contest to try to launch a career for  Curro Velazquez, father and music manager, and his godson Mike, a rocker who Keka finds herself falling in love with, even though another man will come into her life. In Mexico the incredibly sexy but formal Manuel Velazquez, released from parental control, will let his hair down for the first time in his life, and will question his sexuality as he falls first for Laura and then for a male fellow contestant until he begins to wonder if he could possibly be… asexual.


Original idea – Antonio Cuadri

Development by – Eduardo Zaramella, Antonio Roda, Julio Muñoz