Project Description


Vicente, a young Spanish actor, is out of a job and has almost given up hope of a lucky break as he trudges from one audition to another in search of a part in a series, film or some trashy ad… But his life is about to change drastically. One day he gets a piece of news out of the blue: his father has died. Actually, he didn’t even know he had a father. Nor could he ever have imagined that his mom had been living a lie all this time. The only good thing about all this is that it turns out his dad was extremely wealthy. And now it seems Vicente will be too.

So that’s how it comes about that with no fixed home, no roots and no mother, just a parrot and a letter of inheritance, Vicente finds a completely new identity as he returns to Spain.

How will he accept the challenges and his new role in life …?


Directed by Antonio Cuadri

Produced by Gregorio Carrillo

Script by Jordi Figueras, Germán Fernández- Moreno, Eduardo Zaramella, Antonio Roda, Antonio Cuadri

Dialogues by Marina G. Torrás, Juan Pablo Compaired, Esther Vidal

Script Coordinator – Eduardo Zaramella

Production Manager – Tono Escudero

Head of ProductionEmiliano Otegui

Assistant Director – David Fernández

Director of Photography – Paco Sánchez-Polo

Film Editing by Miguel Tejerina

Original Theme Tune by Alejandro Cruz Benavides

Additional Music by Alfonso Garret, Iker Arranz

Art Direction by Rosanna Calore

Set Decoration by Laura García-Serrano

VFX Co-ordinator – Paul Mateos

Sound Direction by Pedro Toribio

Costumes and Wardrobe by Rocío Pérez Valero

Make-up by Blanca Otamendi

Hairstyling by Mario Ruíz