Project Description


Abigail is a promising young historian who could get into any top academic institution she’d choose… only if she wasn’t Jonas Swift’s granddaughter.

As renowned in the treasure hunting world as despised in the academic circles, Jonas Swift has spend his life obsessed with finding the greatest lost treasure ever: that of the 1715 Spanish Fleet.

No matter how Abigail tries to cut her relationship with Jonas, he always finds a way into her life.

This is what happens when she is forced by the Spanish Historical Heritage Police to contact her grandfather. This time, Jonas is working for Michel Hampton, the heir of Hampton Industries, one of the richest shipping companies in the world. He also wants to loot the 1715 Spanish Fleet treasure and he has what Jonas always wished for: unlimited resources and the unshakable will to pass down into history.

All of this will force Abigail into a voyage to try and save the treasure. From the Libyan desert through the Mediterranean depths and into the European Refugee Camps Abigail will live an unwanted adventure… right along side her hated grandfather.


Written by – Jordi Figueras Bagué

Story By – Jordi Figueras Bagué, German Fernández Moreno